Month: April 2016

Havilah recognised with commercial achievement award

Arion Legal was heavily involved in assisting Havilah in negotiating and completing the deal for the development of the Portia gold mine in South Australia. The deal was recognised for its unique and innovative commercial and funding model which has allowed Havilah to proceed with the development and operation of the Portia gold mine in a tough economic climate for mining projects.

Lao New Year Announcement

Please note that our offices will be closed 12-15 April 2016 for the Lao New Year.
For any urgent matters during this period, please email

We wish you good health, wealth and prosperity for the 2016 Lao year.

Sok Dee Pi Mai Lao 2016!!!


Laos needs more entrepreneurs, still facing business hurdles

Laos has only two percent of the population starting a business which is still far too low compared to its 6.4 million people, according to an official.

Launch of the Lao Chinese Investment Service Center

[:en]We are proud to announce that Arion Legal has joined together with Baqian and a number of other service providers (inlcuding EQHO Translation) to launch the Lao-Chinese Investment Service Center.

This center brings together professionals operating in key sectors, including legal, tax, accounting, finance, translation, real estate and travel, to provide a full range of investment and business advisory services to Chinese clients looking at, or already operating, in Lao PDR.

Here’s a little press update about the new Lao Chinese Investment Service Center:

Mr Lu Bin, Managing Director of Baqian Law Law & Consultancy (Lao) and Arion Legal (Lao) at the launch of the Lao-Chinese Investment Service Center

Mr Lu Bin, Managing Director of Baqian Law & Consultancy (Lao) and Mr Mike McDonald, Managing Director of Arion Legal (Lao) at the launch of the Lao-Chinese Investment Service Center

[:zh]我们很荣幸宣布,Arion Legal律师事务所已经与八谦老挝律师事务所和许多其他服务提供商合作(包括EQHO Translation),成立老挝中国企业投资服务中心。



八谦老挝律师事务所总经理Lu Bin先生 和Arion Legal(老挝)律师事务所总经理Mike McDonald先生在老挝-中国投资服务中心成立仪式上

八谦老挝律师事务所总经理Lu Bin先生
和Arion Legal(老挝)律师事务所总经理Mike McDonald先生在老挝-中国投资服务中心成立仪式上。


ALO to become leading IT company in Laos

ALO Technology  Sole. Co; Ltd is set to  become an Information  Technology leader  in Laos and Asean countries  following their official opening  yesterday and the signing of an  OEM Master License agreement  with Microsoft OEM.

ALO is determined to  become the number one choice  fortechnology products and  services, serving the public  sector, retail and corporate  markets in Laos and Asean, the  company confirmed. Continue Reading



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