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[:en]Target Magazine is a bilingual business-focused magazine published in Laos. In the February 2016 edition (which features the Australian Ambassador to Laos, Mr John Williams, on the cover), you can read about the history of Australian investment in Laos and hear the thoughts of the CEO of ANZ Bank Vientiane, Tammy Medard, and Country Manager of Arion Legal, Kate Baillie, as they discuss the likely impact of the ASEAN Economic Community on business in Laos.

If you haven’t already, make sure you pick up a copy of this month’s Target Magazine!1510476_1783961061824262_2814381388679142875_n  735146_1783961075157594_3287045697792721955_n12744013_1783961091824259_748721354746901130_n[:zh]Target Magazine是老挝的一份以业务为中心的双语杂志.2016年2月版(封面为澳大利亚驻老挝大使John Williams先生)刊登了老挝境内澳大利亚投资的发展历史以及澳新银行万象分行总裁Tammy Medard和Arion Legal律师事务所驻老挝经理Kate Baillie关于东盟经济共同体对老挝商业的潜在影响的看法。

如果您还没有了解这些,请复印一份Target Magazine当月的期刊!
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