Arion Legal Signs Strategic Co-Operation Agreement with Yunnan Baqian Law Firm

[:en]Arion Legal Signs Strategic Co-Operation Agreement with Yunnan Baqian Law Firm

Arion Legal together with its associated company in the Lao PDR, Arion Legal Lao (Sole) Co Ltd is pleased to announce the signing on 19 June 2015 of a Framework Agreement for Strategic Co-operation with the Yunnan Baqian Law Firm (Baqian).

The signing of the agreement follows closely on the heels of the signing in Canberra on 15 June 2015 of the China – Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA). An integral part of ChAFTA is the development of closer cooperation between commercial law firms from China and Australia in the effective provision of transnational legal services.

Baqian is a leading law firm in Yunnan, PR China, with its main office in Kunming, and is recognised as one of the largest, most comprehensive and leading law firms in Western China following years of sustainable and rapid development.

Arion Legal is an international law firm based in Adelaide, South Australia with its associate office in Vientiane, Lao PDR serving clients from Australia, Asia- Pacific, Europe and the US and focusing on the provision of legal services into Australia, Lao PDR and the Greater Mekong subregion.

Under the Strategic Co-operation Agreement the firms will –

  • work to foster outbound direct investment from PR China into Australia, Lao PDR and other Asia Pacific countries;
  • recognise each other as their primary strategic partner in each party’s respective territory and pursue business co-operation with that party in its territory;
  • undertake joint promotional and business development activities in Australia, PR China and Lao PDR in the pursuit of common business goals; and
  • locate secondee lawyers in each other’s offices.

Since establishing its operations in the Lao PDR in 2008, Arion Legal has worked with China based investors and financiers on a number of large infrastructure developments within that country and the signing of the Framework Agreement for Strategic Co-operation with Baqian is a significant step in the development of closer business and client links in China which will enable both Baqian and Arion Legal to further their transnational legal services.

 About Yunnan Baqian Law Firm:

Baqian was established in 2008 by the combination by three law firms in Yunnan Province, including Zhaoyao Law Firm, Lvzheng Law Firm and Xingtianping Law Firm. Baqian is recognised as one of the leading full-service law firms in Western China. Baqian is headquartered in Kunming and has one branch office in Chenggong. The firm has approximately 154 employees and is a member of the Sino-Global Legal Alliance.

Baqian provides legal services in the following practice areas: real estate investment, bank & financial investment, intellectual property strategic management, company business, civil & commercial & administrative litigation, criminal procedure, foreign legal business, research department and marketing. Website:

 About Arion Legal:

Arion Legal is an international corporate and commercial law firm with a focus on providing innovative, commercial and cost effective legal services. Arion Legal is based in Adelaide, Australia and has an associated office in Vientiane, Lao PDR which provides legal services to a broad range of clients from the Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States.

Arion Legal provides legal services in the following practice areas: corporate and commercial, energy and resources, equity capital markets, corporate & commercial disputes and foreign investment.

Arion Legal is also part of wider cross-disciplinary group which includes its associated company, Arion Consulting Group (ACG). ACG is an independent professional advisory firm specialising in corporate advisory and business strategy advice. ACG advises clients on asset acquisitions and divestments, corporate services, foreign investment facilitation, native title and mining tenement management and geological services/mapping.  Websites: /

Yannan 2 Yunnan[:zh]Arion Legal律师事务所和其老挝关联公司ArionLegal老挝(唯一)律师事务所很荣幸宣布其于2015年6月19日和云南八谦律师事务所(八谦)签订了战略框架合作协议。



Arion Legal律师事务所是位于南澳大利亚阿德莱德的一家国际律师事务所,其关联公司位于老挝万象,所服务客户来自澳大利亚、亚太地区、欧洲和美国,其专注于为这些客户进军澳大利亚、老挝和大湄公河次区域提供法律服务。


  • 致力于加速中国对澳大利亚、老挝和其他亚太国家的境外直接投资;
  • 在各自的领土将对方视为其主要战略合作伙伴并且在其领土内寻求与另一方的商务合作;
  • 在澳大利亚、中国和老挝联合开展促销和业务开发活动,以寻求共同业务目标;以及
  • 在对方的办公室安排派驻联络律师。

自Arion Legal律师事务所于2008年在老挝成立以来,该事务所就与中国投资者和金融家针对众多大规模基础设施开发项目在当地达成合作,同时与八谦签订框架合作协议是其在中国发展更密切的业务和客户关系的重要一步,这些举措都便于八谦和Arion Legal律师事务所进一步开展跨国法律服务。




 关于Arion Legal律师事务所:

Arion Legal律师事务所是一家国际公司和商务法律事务所,专注于提供创新、商务和高性价比法律服务。Arion Legal律师事务所是位于南澳大利亚阿德莱德的一家国际律师事务所,其关联公司位于老挝万象,所服务客户来自澳大利亚、亚太地区、欧洲和美国。

Arion Legal律师事务所提供法律服务的领域涵盖:公司和商务、能源和资源、股权资本市场、公司及商务纠纷和外国投资。

Arion Legal也是一家大型跨领域集团,其中一家关联公司为Arion Consulting Group (ACG)。 ACG是一家独立的专业法律咨询公司,专注于企业顾问服务和业务战略咨询服务。 ACG在资产并购和资本剥离、公司服务、外国投资便利化、原住民地权和矿权管理以及地质服务/绘图等方面为客户提供咨询服务。网址 /

Yannan 2 云南 2 Yunnan[:]

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